Finally managed to get to Barafina in London a few weeks back, and I can certainly say that it did not disappoint.  I expected the place to be much bigger, especially since there were six of us turning up for a colleagues leaving celebration.


I would certainly recommend sitting inside at the bar stools, rather than the small outside tables.  The service is much better inside, and you can actually see the food being prepared, or quickly nab the waitress for another dish.  As it happened, half our party were seating inside, and half outside…the outdoor experience certainly being suboptimal.


Anyway, the food is awesome if a little pricey….afterall, this is London’s only Michelin Starred Tapas bar.  We had a great range of dishes including (but not limited to); Fillet beef with red pepper, Chorizo with Potatoes, Croquettes, Patatas Bravas (chips with spicy sauce), Tuna Tartar, Baby squid deep fried, plenty of Iberica Ham and sliced chorizo.


Our favourite was the Chorizo with Watercress…so good, we had to order it twice.


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