Cajun Spice Mix

This is a brilliant recipe for creating a Cajun / Blackened spice mix that can be used to coat any meat prior to BBQ or flying. Works brilliantly on chicken breasts or pork fillet. It’s inspired by some of the great Blackened Tuna we had in a fantastic restaurant in Naples, Florida many moons ago.


1 tbs     Paprika

2½ tbs  Salt

1 tbs     Onion powder

1 tbs     Garlic powder

1 tbs     Cayenne pepper

½ tbs    White pepper

¾ tbs    Black pepper

½ tbs    Thyme

½ tbs    Oregano

¼ tbs    Sage

Preparation and cooking

Just mix all of the ingredients together and then store in an airtight jar and keeps for several months.

To use, just sprinkle 1-2 teaspoon of spice mix per portion of meat just before grilling.


Sometimes the White pepper can be very overpowering, so if necessary reduce the amount. If you want a more herby spice mix, just double the herb quantity. If the spice mix is too hot, add 1 tbs more of paprika and 1 tbs salt.


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