Tomato Salsa Fresca

Discovered really good Mexican food in London probably 20 years ago, in a fantastic restaurant in Covent Garden called Café Pacifico. It’s still there today, but haven’t been for a while. Inspired by their food, found this great recipe for Tomato Salsa that is really fresh and fiery…and it’s a must with any Mexican dish we serve, such as Fajitas or filled Tacos.


20-30 Baby plum tomatoes (or 3 to 4 large English tomatoes)

1          Lime, rind and juice

1-2      Chillies, according to taste

1          Red onion, finely chopped

Salt and black pepper

Large bunch of coriander, finely chopped

Preparation and cooking

Finely slice the baby tomatoes, or finely dice if using large tomatoes using a very sharp knife. Chop the red onion, chillies, and the coriander including the long green stems (really finely chopped). Grate the lime rind, and juice the lime.

Add all of the ingredients together and stir, add a little salt and pepper if needed.


A good salsa needs really fresh ingredients of tomatoes, red or white onions, green coriander, lemon or lime juice and either chopped chilli or chilli sauce. Don’t ever use tinned tomatoes. If using baby plum tomatoes, you can slice the chillies to look like the tomatoes and surprise your guests!


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