Spicy East

Perhaps the most inspiring food in the world comes from this region. I am always amazed by the combination of flavours and the freshness of the food, let alone the diversity of cooking styles. The difference of styles within India or China is immense, let alone the very unique styles of Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia.

However, many of the recipes from this region contain huge numbers of ingredients, ingredients not easily available, or worse still ingredients with the same name that taste totally different when bought in the Western world. This can all be very daunting. So I have chosen a set of recipes that attempt to do justice to the region, or at least taste great if not genuine.



Chicken Satay | Chilli Beef Lettuce Wraps | Spring Rolls | Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Dipping Sauce | Tom’s Spicy Chicken Wings


Aromatic Chicken Parcels | Beef Dopiaza |  Beef Samosas  |  Butter Chicken  | Char Sui Pork  |  Chicken Dhansak  |  Five-Spice PorkIndian Fish Coconut Curry  |  Indian Chicken Curry | Lamb with Broccoli and Green Pepper | Oriental Chicken | Rendang Beef | Sizzling Beef |  Saag Paneer  |  Stir-Fired Chicken with Lime and Coconut | Sweet and Sticky Ribs | Thai Green Curry | Tori kara age

Garam Masala | Pilau RiceSom Tum (Green Papaya Salad) | Thai Red Curry Paste


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