Spring Rolls

Wow. I didn’t realise how easy these are to make, and just how good they taste. I will never have a shop bought spring roll again. Great as a starter with a Chinese meal, for parties or just for using up leftovers.


150g    Bean sprouts

2-3      Large spring onions, topped and tailed

10        Mange tout

150g    Cooked meat, such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb or duck.

1 tbs     Hoisin sauce

½ tsp    Five spice power

1 tbs     Soy sauce, dark

1          Garlic clove, crushed

1cm     Fresh ginger, finely sliced

6-8      Spring roll wrappers

1          Egg, beaten

Small bunch of fresh coriander

Oil for deep frying

Preparation and cooking

The spring roll wrappers usually come frozen, so defrost them for approx. 45 minutes before you want to use them and then cover them with a damp tea towel, ready for use.

Place the bean sprouts into a large bowl. Finely slice up the mange tout, spring onions, and cooked meat into thin long juliennes, and then add to the bowl. Add in the crushed garlic, finely sliced fresh ginger, finely chopped fresh coriander, the hoisin sauce and the soy sauce.

Lay out 6-8 spring roll wrappers onto a flat surface, and then place 2 tbs of the bean sprout mixture onto each wrapper, leaving a quarter space from the left, right and bottom edges. Fold the entire left edge into the centre, and do the same with the right edge, so that the mixture is virtually covered from both sides.   Now roll up the spring roll from the bottom edge, over the mixture, and continue to roll up until nearly all the top edge is covered. Brush the top edge with beaten egg, and then finish rolling up to the top. Repeat for all the wrappers until the mixture is used up.   Don’t overfill nor pull the wrapper too tight as they might rip or break.

Fry the spring rolls, a few at a time, in a deep fat fryer or deep sided pan in vegetable oil at approx. 180°C for 2-3 minutes.


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