Thai Green Curry

The flavour combinations of a Thai Green curry are to die for! The hard bit of making the green curry is the paste, but there are some really good fresh shop bought ones now available, which makes this dish very easy and quick to make. (See the recipe for Thai Red Curry Paste, if you want to make the red curry version).


3-4      Chicken breasts, or chicken 8 thighs

1-2 tbs Thai Green Curry paste

400g    Tin of Coconut Milk

2-3      Chillies

1          Red pepper

1          Red onion

10-20  Thin green beans / French beans

5-10    Baby corn on the cobs

3-4      Baby aubergines

1          Lime

Large bunch of fresh coriander

Preparation and cooking

Start by adding the coconut milk to a large flat bottom pan, and bring slowly to the simmer. When the bubbles start to appear, add the Thai green curry paste and mix in well into the coconut milk. Leave to simmer for a few minutes for the green oils in the curry to be released from the paste, colouring the coconut milk light green. Next slice up the chicken into 2-3cm cubes and add to the pan, allowing to cook for about 5 minutes. Then add the chilli, red pepper, red onion, green beans, baby corns and baby aubergines (if used), and cook for a further 10 minutes on a low simmer with a gentle bubble.

Just before serving, squeeze over the juice of a lime, season to taste, and add the chopped fresh coriander on top. Extra sliced chillies if desired. Serve with fragrant Thai sticky rice.


To make Thai red curry, use pretty much the same technique and recipe just substituting with red curry paste instead of green curry paste.


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