Antipasto and Tapas

The origin of tapas dishes dates back many hundreds of years, when a slice of Serrano or Iberico ham was served with your drink and placed on top of the glass, to identify who were the Muslims – obviously for religious reasons they would not touch their drink if it had pork meat on it! Whether the story is true or not, does not dispute the great food from this region, typically Spain.

The Italian version called antipasti (singular) or antipasto (the course) is just as inspiring. Small, short tasty dishes served in a bar or restaurant with pre-dinner drinks.

Inspired by our numerous visits to Spain and many nights frequenting “Don Fernandos” restaurant in Richmond, I have selected a few of my favourite tapas dishes that are either easy to cook, extremely tasty, or just too good not to try.

Don Fernandos is still there today run by Don and Pepe Fernando (see, and comes highly recommended!!! If you are in the area, make sure you drop by.


Beef Carpaccio  |  Pollo Fritto  |  Stuffed Bresaola


Albóndigas  |  Chicken Croquettes  |  Chilli King Prawns  |  Chorizo in Red Wine  |  Fried Padrón Peppers  |  Patatas a la Riojana  |  Patatas Bravas  |  Pinchos Morunos with Mojo Picon  |   Spanish tortilla  |  Tapenade with Garlic Croutons



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